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The first day of school.

In the beginning, I thought how great it would be for your children to go somewhere all day. Think of all the things I could accomplish during the day! Chores! Errands! Projects! I was so excited and thrilled for the opportunity and relished my impending sense of freedom.

Then, time passed and I really began to think about it. All the time they would lose away from our family... my mom & dad, Sam, the dogs, even me. Think of all the bad things they would learn from their friends. They would have friends! I wouldn't be their best friend anymore, maybe. The first day of school began to be troubling, rather than freeing.

And now we're 3 days in and it remains a mixture of excitement and sadness because not only are my little girls growing up, they are becoming responsible little people entangled within the daily grind of life. How wonderful it must've been to be carefree and ... just free. I envy their time at home to become sisters, friends and an integral part of our lives. I can only wish them luck and be ever excited when I get emails/photos from their teachers. The sadness persists but I have hope that their excitement and new experiences will help to ease the circular pain and joy my heart is struggling through.

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